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CodeIgniter 1.7.3 Release 釋出



剛出爐的新聞: CodeIgniter 1.7.3 Released,1.7.3 版本的出來,最主要是修正了 Upload class 的安全性,在上一次公告就有 Upload Class Patch,只是 1.7.3 就把它納入進來,還有修正在某些情況下可能出現所有檔案(system/libraries/Router.php),除此之外沒有其他重大修正了,看起來是為了過不久的 2.0 所準備,目前團隊都朝 2.0 發展了。


Version 1.7.3 is a security maintenance release, including a previously patched file Upload class, and a new security fix to prevent possible directory traversal in certain circumstances (back ported from a fix made to CodeIgniter 2.0 at BitBucket). There are no other significant changes.

發布者: appleboy, 日期: 2010-12-07 11:32:11